What is strength in depth?
What is strength in depth?
What is strength in depth?
What is strength in depth?

SURF knowledge

We know the depth of our SURF knowledge.

We work closely with our customers to gain an in-depth understanding of their business and the projects they have won. This, combined with a constantly progressive outlook, allows us to see what challenges they could face and quickly develop efficient, effective answers.

Our SURF (Subsea, Umbilicals, Risers & Flowlines) knowledge is central to our business; with over 40 years’ experience in this industry we know how to handle risers, umbilicals and flowlines.  We understand bend restrictions, tolerances and how to link subsea structures to floating systems or shore operation centres.  From our strategic thinkers to our experienced offshore teams, our logistics planners to our skilled engineers, we are all committed to delivering a collaborative service.

It’s our progressive outlook that causes us to continuously seek new, smarter ways of working and set new standards for both ourselves and our sector.

It’s this knowledge that gives us strength in depth.

And it’s this depth that sets us apart in the market.

Project management

We know the strength of our dependability.

Our high level of dependability means you can rely on us to get the job done, whatever it takes.

With expert project management capabilities, an extensive range of equipment and regional expertise stretching from the Americas to Asia Pacific, and all points in between including the North Sea, the Middle East and Africa, Aquatic people work together to deliver what our customers need, where they need it.

This isn’t just a claim we make. Our actions are measurable through reporting mechanisms that show our customers exactly what has been achieved.

It’s this dependability that gives us strength in depth.

And it’s this strength that sets us apart in the market.

Offshore expertise

We know the depth of our offshore expertise.

We are passionate about providing our customers with superior service quality.

It always involves providing a comprehensive solution that includes a team of people to operate and maintain the kit throughout the project.

Our offshore teams are trained, guided and challenged to maintain operational efficiency in demanding marine installation projects. Their input invariably improves our customers’ project timings and financial results.

It’s this commitment by our offshore teams that’s key to our strength in depth.
It’s this that makes us inimitable in our sector.

And it’s this depth that sets us apart in the market.


We know the depth of our engineering expertise.

The object of our engineering team is twofold: to provide support for the project work Aquatic takes on and to use this experience in conjunction with good engineering skills to design and develop, build and operate equipment which functions according to Aquatic values, principles and processes.
Aquatic’s engineering approach is based on a triumvirate of modularity, reliability and capability – the equipment is easy to transport and assemble, it is dependable and consistent and it is capable and adaptable. We are often required by our customers to become part of their design team for the project and we offer experiences and skills which we happily utilise.

This is evident as competence in structural design, mechanical systems, hydraulics, electrical, electronic and control systems consistent with our approach, with a dose of materials appreciation, vessel operation and set up, offshore operational understanding and more than a pinch of safety awareness.
And it’s this depth that sets us apart in the market.


We know the strength of our safety record.

With forty years’ experience behind us, we know the inherent risks of our sector and are serious about safety. We never cut corners or take unnecessary risks. We’re diligent about safeguarding people and projects onshore and offshore, throughout our global operations and on our customers’ vessels.
Our OHSAS 18001, ISO9001, ISO14001 and BizSafe+ certifications reflect this, as does our unimpeachable track record since March 2012, of over 1,000 consecutive days without lost time incident. By continuing to expertly manage and mitigate risk, we can keep people safe and projects on track.

It’s this unquestionable dedication to safety that’s our strength in depth.
And it’s this strength that sets us apart in the market.


We know the strength of our logistics planning.

Coordinating people and equipment and getting them by road, rail, sea or air to where they need to be, when they need to be, is one of our invisible strengths.

Keeping pace with personal, organisational and economic events makes logistics planning interesting and challenging; only by having a group of approved national and international freight and travel partners can we ensure we achieve a unified approach.

Our commitment to logistics planning gives us strength in depth.

And it’s this strength that sets us apart in the market.

...It's 40 years of accumulated knowledge
The original operating company of the Aquatic Group was started as
Tesson Hammers Inc. in July 1973 in the state of Louisiana, USA.

Aquatic designs and builds equipment and provides specialist teams of people, to support the installation, recovery and replacement of flexible products.

Our key markets are offshore operators within the oil & gas, telecommunications and renewable energy industries.

Aquatic, an Acteon company, your global partner for complete flex-lay solutions.
...It's rapid mobilisation against all odds
Aquatic is the market leading independent operator of carousels, modular drive systems and tensioner solutions for the global oil and gas, telecommunications and renewable energy industries.
We continue to develop a strong global reputation for our ability to lay and retrieve flexible and semi-rigid products in submarine environments and have amassed more than 40 years experience in this area. We develop and leverage innovative technology, extending our capability to match customers expectations and requirements and offer an extensive range of equipment for
installing and spooling of flexible systems such as risers, flowlines, umbilicals, cables, and mooring lines. Our aim is to be the preferred partner and market leader in regions in which we compete, and continually advance technological growth and market expansion to enable us to develop the right solutions for our customers and their customers.
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Aquatic was involved with the very first North Sea pipeline in 1974
Since 1974 Aquatic has delivered projects in every key oil and gas location
Aquatic has logged more than 1,000 consecutive days LTI*-free since March 2012
*Lost Time Incident
Since 2013 Aquatic has transpooled almost half a million metres of product
In 2014, our equipment was out on hire for 13,645 working days
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...It's the depth of our product handling capability
Aquatic delivers assured optimised project outcomes, through the consistent provision of knowledge, expertise, equipment range, reach and approach.
  • Coiled tubing
  • Mooring lines
  • Power cables
  • Production flowlines
  • Production, gas lift and injection risers
  • Reelable steel pipe
  • Telecommunication cables
  • Umbilicals
  • Water pipes
  • Wire rope products