Brand equity

We've earned the right to put ™ after our name.

Aquatic’s brand first came into being in 1974.  Of course, even then, branding was a powerful tool for businesses looking to create a mark, build a reputation and stake a claim in the commercial environment in which they operated.  A brand may start out as a logo, but by imbuing that symbol with value through using it consistently and repeatedly, it starts to hold more than just the picture of the company it represents.  It becomes symbolic of the brand, the company behind the logo, the headed paper, the brochures, the sales team, the operations guys, the health and safety record and so on.
Fast forward to 1990 and the Aquatic logo changed to respond to and represent operations in a faster paced global market.  There was a further brief change in 2006 and the transition to the current logo in 2008.  The brand grew in those years to become synonymous with modularity and flexibility, and Aquatic joined the Acteon Group in 2006 because its brand equity had caused Acteon to consider Aquatic a beneficial business to have in its portfolio.brand_equity

Today the Aquatic brand speaks of our strength in depth.  Whether you access our brand here on our website; in our brochures and data sheets; through our social media platforms; at our offices around the world; by watching our videos; working with our people; reading our contracts; or partnering with us on long-term operations; the Aquatic brand is a consistent, valuable asset.  Known throughout the offshore industry, the peace of mind that companies engaging with Aquatic at any level experience, means that our brand equity is still worth its weight in gold.
It's our unique reputation that gives us strength in depth.