Aquatic seeks long-term customer partnerships, highly skilled employees and mutually profitable offshore projects.

We possess strength in depth across a breadth of disciplines, from our unrivalled SURF knowledge and engineering expertise, to our extensive project management and logistics planning skills. We bring offshore expertise that is world class, matched with unstintingly focused HSEQ standards that defy complacency and build confidence to our customers every step of every operation that we are involved with.



A key differentiator for our customers is the ease and speed at which our equipment can be dismantled and transported. The modular build of the equipment means it can be transported by road or fitted into standard 40ft shipping containers, allowing for loading on smaller vessels for faster and more cost-efficient mobilisation.

We also have modular drive systems and tensioners, plus storage reels and other ancillary products, for customer-driven solutions to all flexible product handling requirements.

Our powered-reel capabilities guarantee a capacity of up to 500Te, while our extensive collection of tensioners range from 3 to 85Te line pull.

It's the aptitude of our offshore teams and our engineering expertise that gives us strength in depth.