My role within the company is as Equipment Supervisor.  This requires me to oversee the safe mobilisation, operation and demobilisation of the complete rang e of Aquatic supplied equipment.  I also liaise with clients to ensure every aspect of the project during offshore ops runs as smoothly as possible.

What is your typical work day?

Whilst offshore, usually there is a supervisors meeting in the morning, and a pre-shift meeting before carrying out a specific Tool Box Talk for whatever operations we are doing.

What I love most about my job is...

It gives me the opportunity to meet new and interesting people and travel to new places.

My greatest achievement at Aquatic is...

It was supervising the first project for Aquatic utilising the new 1500te carousel. This was a difficult project for both onshore and off-shore teams, but with good communication between both teams, it was a very successful project and it was completed to the delight of both client and Aquatic.



I am the Engineering Team Leader within the Engineering department and am based in Aberdeen. My role involves leading design engineering duties to ensure a timely delivery of work packages to our clients’ high standards.

What is your typical work day?

As team leader, responsible for leading a team of Engineers and Draughtsmen, I am always busy and always facing different challenges. No job, project or even day, is the same. If I am not in a meeting or teleconference, I am in a hurry to complete a task to allow me enough time to respond to a technical query or brainstorming to provide sustainable solutions to a client’s problem!

Why should people choose Aquatic?

In my opinion, Aquatic is a dynamic organisation, with a flat structure, that leads to everyone being empowered to challenge, lead change and make an impact – should they wish to! Innovation and personal development are encouraged by all in the organisation.As a fast growing, profitable company, there are lots of on-going developments and projects for people to with the right skills set and determination to develop their careers.

What I love most about my job is...

There is this perfect blend of culture and challenge at the workplace. The people at this company, especially in my team, are a pleasure to work with and make it enjoyable to come to work.



I manage project engineers in the Project Delivery Department and manage projects under my care by collaborating with other departments within Aquatic and with our clients’ project management teams.I am in constant contact with our clients, and I work on any and every enquiry, including follow-up work, with the offers and proposals we submit.

How did you hear about Aquatic?

I first heard about Aquatic from someone I knew who worked here.

Why should people choose Aquatic?

In my opinion, people should choose Aquatic because of our reputation with the reliability of our equipment, and more important, the high level of offshore experience of our operations crew.

My biggest challenge is...

To be able to win a project with a contract value of more than $1 million dollars.