Equipment range

The biggest challenge for any equipment and service provider is speed of delivery. Aquatic has a comprehensive range of modular, flexible equipment that is available to be transported anywhere in the world. We have tried and tested products and solutions for:
  • the installation, recovery and replacement of flexible products
  • onshore transpooling operations
  • the handling of flexibles, umbilicals and steel pipes
  • fleeting control
  • rapid cutting
  • straightening steel pipe and coiled tubing
  • multiple reel lay, and 
  • ancillary products to assist in the spooling, deployment and recovery operations

Our equipment can be dismantled to fit into standard 40 ft shipping containers; enabling Aquatic kit to be installed on relatively small vessels of opportunity from more economical quayside locations, if required. This is an ideal solution to the problems of logistics and cost faced by operators as it provides faster mobilisations and demobilisations.

Our reputation has grown in part because we minimise vessel downtime and so reduce the project cost to the end customer.

While we fabricate a large proportion of our equipment in-house, we also have a global network of strategic partners, which we can leverage, to build to our specification; this means we are able to concentrate on what we do best.

Click below for the individual equipment overview sheets (in their respective groups), however, if you're not clear about the holdback requirement of our reel drive system, or the grip range of a tensioner applicable to your product, contact us: