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For those of you that are new to this industry or in need of a refresher, it can be challenging to understand exactly where Aquatic fits into your project, so take a minute to sit back and discover how Aquatic fits in ...


Aquatic in action - Wasit Project, Persian Gulf

Aquatic has successfully completed the first phase of its maiden project working with Mermaid Subsea Services in the Persian Gulf .. see how we did it!

Many thanks to Nexens and Mermaid Subsea Services for enabling Aquatic to publish this movie.


Kreuz Subsea - Engineering, Mobilisation and Umbilical lay

Here's some great footage, taken by Kreuz Subsea, which shows our part in their recent operation in South Belut Field.  The movie shows umbilical deployment, mobilisation, carousel transfer, carousel assembly, umbilical reels transfer, umbilical transpooling, offshore operations and umbilical deployment

With many thanks to Kreuz Subsea for authorising the use of this movie on our site.


1500Te carousel capability

Genuinely unique, with patents approved, this is a valuable piece of kit for both Aquatic and our customers worldwide.

1500Te carousel build: time-lapse movie

This movie charts the charts the transition from the laying of the steel foundation to the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).

Dual tensioner capability

Aquatic's in-house engineering team was challenged to design and build a machine capable of at least an 85Te line pull. The team's innovative solution was to run two of our well proven 50Te tensioners, in tandem, to deliver the required capacity.