Aquatic's proactive and integrated approach recognised on Valhall project

Project Name: Valhall – Ball Valve Actuation Project

Client: DeepOcean

End Client: Aker BP

Project Background
Aquatic Engineering and Construction Ltd (Aquatic) provided a reel drive system and tensioning services for the installation of 587m length of umbilical (85mm OD) offshore Norway.
As part of a ball valve actuation project, DeepOcean needed to install a control umbilical from the Valhall PH to a subsea ball valve and asked Aquatic to support their project. Aquatic provided both a 60Te Reel Drive System and a 3Te Tensioner System suitable for its reel and product. The project started on 30th of August for about 13 days. Aquatic mobilized both equipment and personnel from Haugesund, Norway and the project was managed by Aquatic’s office based in Tern Place House, Aberdeen, Scotland.
The Project was completed successfully and without incident. Feedback received from the client DeepOcean/Aker BP was positive and recognised Aquatic’s proactive approach and integration of Aquatic team with client’s crew on the vessel.