No Back deck space? No problem

Aquatic recently completed an installation scope for Jan De Nul on the West Nile Delta Project and developed an innovative solution to address some project constraints.

For the project, Aquatic provided a 50Te Tensioner and personnel for the scope, which included the installation of 58km of approx. 223mm diameter umbilical. The project took place in water depths up to 600m, in the West Nile Delta field, offshore Egypt.

Aquatic also adapted the tensioner’s control system to accommodate limited vessel deck space. Due to this restriction, the client asked Aquatic to look into options to remove the system’s control cabin and move the Tensioner’s main control system and operation to their own control cabin, instead of adding another cabin to the deck.  

Aquatic’s in-house engineering team rapidly designed a system to integrate the Tensioner’s control system and functionality into a 50x40cm suitcase, which can be moved to any location within a 100m radius of the tensioner. As a result, the footprint of the controls on the deck was reduced by 300%. This project illustrates the flexibility and adaptability of Aquatic’s solutions. The project was completed successfully and without incident. Feedback received from the client was positive.