Aquatic supports flowline and umbilical installation in the Gulf of Mexico

Aquatic recently assisted Subsea 7 with the installation of two umbilical reels and one flexible reel for the Talos Phoenix Complex.

The campaign took place in two phases; the initial onshore transpooling of two flexible jumpers onto a single reel at InterMoor’s facility in Port Fourchon, Louisiana, followed by the offshore installation of the two umbilical reels (1826m and 7156m long) and the single flexible reel containing two products (64m long each).

Aquatic provided a 500Te PRD System and 7.5Te Tensioner with required ancillaries and an experienced crew of personnel, provided by Axis Pipeline Construction Group.

The equipment was mobilized to Ingleside, TX where it was loaded on to Subsea 7’s vessel, the Seven Oceans.  The umbilicals and flexibles were installed across two separate offshore phases successfully and on time, without incident, demonstrating Aquatic’s Strength in Depth capability.

Top: Transpooling in Fourchon
Middle: Mobilizing the Reel Drive System
Bottom: Reel Drive System on deck with Umbilical Reel engaged