Case Studies

DECOMMISSIONING: Capability statement and case study

When a project field has reached it's operation life or has one stage complete, Aquatic will decommission the reel-able infrastructure and dispose of the recycled product through an accredited...
17 August 2015
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AMERICAS: Equipment reliability is a core competency for Aquatic

Subsea 7 were contracted by Petrobras to perform an EPIC or Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning Project, for buoyancy support risers and its risers. Download our Case Study...
13 July 2015
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INNOVATION: Thinking outside 'the box': a health and safety initiative

A leading energy company in oil and gas production, through its Norwegian subsea contractor, requested a solution to allow three different types of equipment, all from different manufacturers, to c...
10 July 2015
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ASIA PACIFIC: The Aquatic carousel

Two established trends in today's subsea market are installations in deeper water and operations involving long tiebacks. Projects such as these require specialist equipment to accommodate the...
09 July 2015
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SUBSEA: Remote access support

Aquatic spends a huge amount of time and energy designing in reliability to its machines but inevitably problems occur. Our offshore team is well qualified and trained but sometimes the issues of c...
08 July 2015
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SUBSEA: Giving our clients what they want

In late 2012, following a brand audit of customers and further market investigation, Aquatic Engineering & Construction Ltd, an Acteon company, recognised that there was strong client demand to...
07 July 2015
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SUBSEA: Aquatic's modular carousel

Subsea installation is moving into deeper water, with many projects being in the 2000-3000-m depth range. Installation at these depths requires specialist equipment to accommodate the increasing le...
14 October 2013
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OIL & GAS: Umbilical engineering and installation

Providing tailored solutions based on the unique requirement of our clients. Aquatic had bid on providing a tensioner and powered reel drive system for an umbilical installation off the north-w...
04 September 2013
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PEOPLE: Addressing the skills shortage

There is a skills shortage in the oil and gas industry of high calibre engineers who are committed problem solvers and can think on their feet. There are also more people leaving the Armed Forces,...
31 July 2013
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SUBSEA: Bespoke skidding system

Aquatic was awarded a contract with a client for a project off Brazil for an important regional energy producer. Aquatic was selected because of its previous experience working on similar operation...
28 July 2013
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