Aquatic completes flexible production riser replacement for Rever Offshore

Aquatic have recently completed a flexible product riser replacement installation work scope for Rever Offshore, utilising the Construction Support Vessel the Normand Clipper.

The project saw Aquatic work closely with the client to understand the project requirements from an early stage and integrate both Aquatic’s 500Te Powered Reel Drive and 50Te Tensioner onto the client’s existing vessel grillages.

Aquatic’s tensioner was equipped with an upgraded control system, which allowed for improved real time data logging, reduces maintenance requirements and lets any client modification/integration be carried out quickly and efficiently.  

Aquatic also provided experienced personnel to deliver the offshore operations. Aquatic’s commitment to fully understanding our client’s requirements, together with our innovative approach to deliver optimal solutions, was identified by Rever Offshore as key criteria for the project award and underpins Aquatic’s position as the global market leader in the laying and retrieving of flexible products.  

Aquatic’s contribution to the complete life cycle of this project has been well complimented and acknowledged by the client. Working with Rever Offshore, from the front-end tender stage through to offshore execution, has led to a successful project completion.